Advantages of using NFC for smart Poster

nfc smart Poster

NFC smart posters, NFC smart tips, NFC near-field payment, NFC one-click sharing…More NFC functions, whether it is opening a website or sharing a video, whether it is map navigation or obtaining discount coupons, All you need is a “tick” touch with your mobile phone, and the digital world will unfold before your eyes.

All this is not a sky garden, but a real-life experience. Through NFC near-field communication technology, all information is passed through a highly secure near-field wireless channel, allowing the digital world to blend with real life.

NFC near field communication technology is an open interactive wireless communication technology jointly advocated and developed by Philips, Nokia, and Sony, and is supported by many mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc.

The difference from QR codes is that QR code is printed by plane, and then read the information optically, while NFC uses RFID chip to store the data and obtain the information through the near-field wireless network. The operation process is simpler and faster, the personality is diverse, and it can be rewritten many times. And encryption, high security.

Advantages of NFC Smart Poster

Simple and fast

With a simple touch of a “tick,” the content in the NFC chip is instantly on the screen of the mobile phone. The process takes only 0.1 seconds. Maybe we still miss the naive process of scanning the QR code with the camera before, but the development of new technology often exceeds Our imagination; the simplicity of NFC technology makes our life truly perfect with just a touch.

Rewrite encryption

Different from the singleness and one-time printing of QR codes, NFC tags can be rewritten tens of thousands of times. Whether it’s a website, a message, an application download, or a coupon, it can always satisfy Your imagination. The high encryption feature makes it both publicly shared and privately available. Flexible read-only settings protect it from illegal tampering.

Safety experience

The globally unique serial number in the NFC chip serves as the only proof of its identity. Through the detection of the security platform intermediary, it can quickly filter illegal information and avoid spam advertisements and toxic links. While improving the safety of media advertising, it also brings a refreshing user experience to the customer group.

In the field of media and advertising, the NFC tag is usually called a smart poster because it is not just an advertising tip; it is really smart; through smart posters, you can achieve

• Browse the website

• Share video ads

• Application download

• Coupon, e-ticket acquisition

• SMS taxi service

• Telephone takeaway service

• Mail service


You may be very interested; what else can the NFC smart poster do? We have to admit that it depends on your imagination. Nowadays, NFC is expanding in various fields every day. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, it has surpassed its limitations. It has made great achievements in point-to-point communication, smart home appliances, smart electrical equipment, interactive use, access control management, near-field payment, etc. Progress and wide application.

There is reason to believe that in the near future, the world of NFC will connect you and me. Even if you and I are at the end of the world, they are close at hand. NFC near field communication.

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