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You’re under pressure to work at a brisker pace. Your online shoppers expect orders to be stocked in your store and quickly found by your staff. Patient care requires instant location of medication, and flawless fulfillment depends on real-time inventory tracking. How can you satisfy customers and speed up processes?

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) technology from revs up operations, by automatically locating your tagged objects at greater speed, accuracy and volume than traditional methods.

But there’s more to implementing RFID than you might realize. Unless properly engineered, metals and liquids can play havoc with RFID. Reader and tag frequencies can collide. And tags not made for your environment can fade or fall off. So how do you find the ideal solution, without getting blindsided by extra costs and complexity?

That takes guidance from those with a big picture view—experts who have engineered every aspect of RFID, from readers to antennas, from printers to software, supplies and service for every type of industry.

Count on Zebra to keep you on track. With our expertise and extensive RFID portfolio, you’ll have a cohesive solution made for your particular needs. You can focus on business, instead of technology, because every component talks to one another and to your existing systems. You can keep an eye on what’s on the shelf and on the move, because RFID signals won’t get lost or crossed, and tags will stay put and legible.

What about integration, management and app development? You’re covered. Gain a performance edge shopping in one place and from one RFID portfolio—Zebra’s.

Relentless Performancein Any Environment

Stop searching for inventory and assets. With Zebra RFID solutions, you will automatically know the location of business-critical items—whether you’re tracking merchandise in your stores, medication in your hospitals or goods flowing in and out of your warehouses.

Made for your environment, application and conditions, Zebra RFID solutions are designed to make you more effective.

Zebra Handheld andHands-Free RFID Readers

Out of sight is now never out of reach.

Track, trace and tally assets in real time. Choose from sleek handhelds, hands-free devices, rugged form factors and RFID sleds. Below are just a few ways to easily and accurately handle RFID.

Zebra Fixed Readers, Antennas, Setup Wizard and Software

Find what you seek in RFID solutions.

Make sure the right asset is in the right place at the right time with Zebra’s complete RFID portfolio—the deepest and widest in the industry.

Zebra RFID Printer Encoders

Accurate and scalable RFID encoding.

Your solution depends on reliable data. Zebra offers the industry’s widest range of printers that accurately encode RFID labels, tags and cards where and when you need them. Build your solution on RFID data you can trust.

Zebra Certified Supplies: The Perfect Match for Your RFID Printer

Using inlays from leading manufacturers, as well as our own Zebra-branded inlays, Zebra offers 30+ labels in stock. We can also create a custom solution for you–with just about any thermal material and inlay to meet the requirements of your unique application. Designed and tested with Zebra printers and RFID readers, our Certified Supplies ensure high performance.

Global Services: Maximize uptime and ROI

Whether it’s understanding operational utilization, maximizing predictability and uptime or simply unlocking the data of your edge devices, Zebra’s portfolio of services provides expertise every step of the way.

Gain edge-to-edge visibility with wall-to-wall choices, visit

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