World Premiere at AEG ID: The Online RFID Keyfob Generator

At AEG ID, customers generate their desired RFID keyfob in 5 steps!

The individual design of products and subsequent visualization creates an additional connection with the product. Online product configurators – for the composition of new cars, food or sports shoes – are almost a standard in the B2C sector today. has transferred this digital business process to RFID.

Anyone interested can compile, display, order or request further advice on their individual RFID keyfob online and without much effort.

In conversation with , , Marketing & Sales Director at AEG Identifikationssysteme, reports on how the configurator works in 5 steps and what response the premiere of the new online service has had on the market.

Individuality in Trend – Also for Keyfobs

RFID keyfobs were previously mass-produced goods in standardized designs, today, customers can combine colors, materials, and logo designs individually. “With the online configurator on the AEG ID website, we are making the most of the possibilities of digitalization. We are creating an intuitive access to a fundamentally simple product that is used by employees every day. This is why the design of this medium is increasingly coming into focus. We are responding to this trend,” says Simon Arch.

Visualization is an Effective Purchase Decision Aid

The online services are intuitive to use and generate a nearly 1:1 representation of the desired product in a short time. The visualization of the keyfob is one of the most effective decision-making aids. The configurator makes it possible – without consultation or waiting times – to immediately obtain digital proof. This can be forwarded directly to prospective users for viewing.

In 5 Steps to the Individual Keyfob

The design of an individual keyfob is accomplished in five steps. First, the material, metal or plastic, is selected. Second, the color of the plastic parts is decided. Third, if desired, a personal logo can be uploaded. This can be applied in 3D finishing and can be single-colored, multi-colored, double-sided or one-sided. Additionally, laser numbering is also possible.

Fourth, the desired RFID chip or chip combination can be entered. A personal consultation for the chip selection can be requested. Fifth, the offer is requested online. Every single step of the individualization process is visualized.

Know-how for Selecting Chips Provided

AEG ID offers a wide range of manufacturers and RFID technologies. This also includes memory sizes and encoding services. Simon Arch explains, “around 90 percent of interested parties rely on AEG ID for support in selecting the right RFID chip. At this point of individualization, technological know-how beyond optical design is in demand. The technical specifications must be clarified in order to be able to recommend the technology to be used”. The keyfob can also be deliberately ordered without an RFID chip, for example as a promotional gift or as a gift for employees.

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