Wide range of accessories for G3 Industrial Tablet Series

A large Selection of Accessories for your Individual Application

s G3 Industrial Tablet series has a large selection of accessories. The various accessories of the RFID industrial tablets were specially developed for current Industry 4.0 and IoT requirements.

The RFID Industrial Tablets are therefore suitable for a variety of technological and industrial applications in the context of construction sites, supply chain, retail, warehouse management and production.

Desktop Cradle for Stationary Production Applications

The desktop cradle impresses with multifunctionality and stability. The industrial tablet is firmly locked in place thanks to the integrated locking mode. The integrated Ethernet or RS232 interfaces are compatible for industrial machines. The 4 USB interfaces and the HDMI connection complete the connection options.

The desktop cradle is automatically put into charging mode when connected to an end device or a machine. It can be used in automated production processes in Industry 4.0 and IoT environments.

Mobility: Car Cradle for Forklift Trucks in Warehouses

The Car Cradle has a special bracket for mounting on vehicles. It can be connected directly to the cigarette lighter using the optional connection cable. Alternatively, it can be connected to RS232, Ethernet, HDMI and USB interfaces. This car cradle acts as an indoor PC especially for forklift vehicles or freight forwarding vehicles.

With the Car Cradle, the industrial tablet is always ready for use – with the right car cable, it is automatically switched to charging mode. It is ideal for applications in the context of delivery services or warehouses.

Long Battery Time Thanks to a Powerful Extended Battery

The battery life of the optional 10,050 mAh battery is up to 50% longer than that of the normal 5,600 mAh standard battery. The G3 tablets with the additionally available high-performance battery are ideally suited for challenging applications on construction sites. Performance-demanding Industry 4.0 applications with several responsible people require stable end devices with enough performance power.

The 4-slot charging box is especially suitable for charging 4 batteries at the same time. This means that you can keep your internal communication stable, even when you are busy.

Precise Input Options with the Stylus Pen

The stylus pen was specially developed for precise input on the industrial tablet. Editing lists or sensitive data requires an exact entry or selection. The stylus pen works very well in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications. Thanks to the high-resolution display, the stylus pen enables precise and exact input on the screen. The stylus is ideal in the area of coordinate determinations in the field.

Ergonomic Transport Thanks to the Hand Strap

The hand strap is a holder for mobile transport of the industrial tablet. The industrial tablet is securely attached thanks to the four mounting straps. The hand strap is an ergonomic solution for changing work environments at several locations, especially for environments on construction sites or within forwarding agencies. The strap can be adjusted closer so that the tablet does not slip. This makes it safe from falls in demanding environments.

iDTRONIC’s Services Features

Our G3 RFID tablets are certified according to RoHS, FCC and CE. The RFID tablets are supplied with a software development kit for Android and Windows systems. These support all programming languages of the respective operating system. The use of the SDK simplifies the integration with your existing systems.

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