Video inside: SAG’s Overmolded Pear Keyfob

Lean and Sturdy Keyfob Built to Last!

Looking for a thin but sturdy keyfob? With the thickness of just 2.2 mm produced by an overmolded process, the ‘s Overmolded Pear Keyfob is water resistant. Meanwhile, it is built to survive up to 500 N in bending and 300 N in torsion tests.

This keyfob is designed to fit your requirements while making access control easy with just a simple tap.

Dual Frequency Available for More Convenience

From a technical point of view, other than HF and LF, we have this keyfob available with RAIN RFID (UHF) technology as well.

Featuring its long reading range, the RAIN RFID Overmolded Pear Keyfob grants the user access without the need of physical interation with the keyfob. This realizes a hands-free solution and offers great efficiency in access control. This keyfob is also available in dual band to suit your needs. 

High Quality Custom Printing with UV Printing Tech 

Meanwhile, we have introduced UV inkjet printing to provide one more creative printing option to accommodate your vivid artwork. This printing technique liberates the constraints in printing your logo in multiple colors. The colors can overlap with one another to make a 3 dimensional look.

The best thing about it: The color will never fade, even under daily use. There are now 10 colors available for your selection. With years of experience, SAG has heard your calls and has designed your keyfob to be more than just a keyfob. 

The Aqua Keyfob 

Unlike the conventional keyfob, the Aqua Keyfob provides more printing possibilities. You can personalize it with a Photo ID or decorate it with attractive artwork by offset/silk screen printing. This is a revolutionary product created by SAG. 

The Tear Keyfob 

The Tear Keyfob surpasses the conventional keyfob with its ergonomic housing with a thickness of 5mm. Besides the popular black, white, and grey color schemes, we offer you other color options. The white portion of the keyfob provides an excellent area for UV printing which brings out vivid color effects, even in 3D format. You can customize your Tear Keyfob to make a difference. 

The Secret Keyfob 

In addition to the keyfobs mentioned above, we do have another type of keyfob in an entirely new style, color, and new appearance! Please feel free to !