Video inside: SAG Provides Sturdy & Heat-Resistant PETF Cards

PETF Card with Enhanced Durability!

The ISO Card is a widely used form factor in RFID transponders. One of ‘s strengths lies in the production of RFID cards, including an array of ISO Cards in our product portfolio.

Among the assorted materials, we have produced a PETF Composite ISO Card, an enhanced card with greater resistance compared to PVC or PETG.

Greater Mechanical Strength

The PETF Composite ISO Card incorporates innovative PETF layers which give the card a higher thermal stability and greater mechanical strength. It survives 70,000 bending and torsion test routines, far more than the ISO regulations.

Excellent Temperature Resistance 

Speaking of temperature resistance, the PETF card optimizes a perfect direct-to-card printing-less distortion after a sudden heat up in the process. We have excellent printing results on the following brand name models – Fargo (HDP5000), Zebra (ZXP8), Datacard (CD8000), and Matica (xID8300).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for other types. Furthermore, the card has a greater durability to withstand high storage temperatures of up to 100°C [212°F]. The SAG PETF ISO card proves itself with the sale of millions of cards for commercial and residential purposes within recent years.

Environmental Protection

PETF is more environmentally friendly than PVC once it is disposed.