Video Inside: Rinas Pioneers Magnet Stripe Technology

Leading Innovation in Card and Ticketing Solutions!

Since 1984, has been a leading innovator in the field of sophisticated magnetic stripe technology for card manufacturing and system integration.

Their sophisticated engineering focuses on the development and production of high-precision OEM and stand-alone card encoding systems for magnetic, RFID and chip cards.

Find out more about the Rinas in the video below!

Regardless of whether standard or special device systems are required, Rinas develops customer-specific solutions to the highest degree of precision – from electronic circuit diagrams to circuit board layout, hardware construction, development of customized software and assembly of modules and devices.

Production is carried out using the latest CNC 5-axis technology, which guarantees the highest manufacturing depths and safety for practical use in coding, printing, scanning and sorting.

Customer-Oriented High-Tech Solutions

  • Universal encoding for magnetic, RFID, or smart cards
  • Encoding with scan and print functionality
  • Multi-RFID encoding for paper and plastic cards
  • Print units for card personalization
  • Scanning for 1D/2D code and OCR text recognition
  • Coding for special sizes

Under the management of Wilfried and Armin Rinas, customers benefit from longstanding experience, professional competence and future-oriented perspectives!

Rinas Gerätetechnik – your partner of choice when it comes to innovative coding systems. WORLDWIDE!

Want to learn more about Rinas? , and watch the 2-minute video below!

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