Video Inside: NFC Dongle Protects Your Data With Just One Tap

SAG’s NFC Dongle Helps Protect Your Data via an NFC-Enabled Phone!

Information security aims to prevent or reduce unauthorized access to data which is stored in the cloud or a hardware-based drive. Although methods of verification to get access to the data are available, password entry is a clumsy process and prone to a leakage risk.

has come up with the NFC Dongle with a 0806 Dynamic Tag Module embedded inside to give you verification in a contactless way with just a tap of your NFC-enabled phone. With the multiple features mentioned below, the NFC Dongle makes access verification efficient and safeguards your data storage.

Easy to Use

Download the NFC Dongle App on the Google Play or App Store. Use your phone to read/write the NFC Dongle. It is easy to set up passwords, and to lock or unlock the NFC Dongle via the intuitive user interface on the app.

Strong Authentication

Alternative authentication methods on the smartphone make the verification of a user’s identity easy and elevates the security level under such a mechanism. 

Your Phone is the Key to Access

Use your NFC-enabled phone and select biometric or password authentication to access the NFC Dongle. It also helps reduce the operational costs from IT support when the user forgets the password. 

Password Control  

When the NFC Dongle is passed onto another person, only those who know the password can operate it. Password entry is only needed in the initial reading and smartphone authentication will then be introduced to simplify the process.  

We are eager to show you how the NFC Dongle works in the following video:

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