Video Inside: Cisper Presents the Confidex Ironside Family

Learn All About the Confidex Ironside Family!

is an international distributor of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) products and systems. AIDC products range from specialized RFID products to systems combining UHF RFID with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

In their newest video, Cisper is showing you the Ironside Family from Confidex.

The patented solution of Confidex Ironside Classic On-Metal Gen2 UHF tag provides a trusted benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durability (IP68) to various customer requirements. Ironside’s performance enables several on-metal identification challenges to be solved, which were earlier impossible with passive RFID.

The tag can be mounted easily on any metallic surfaces either mechanically with screws or pop rivets or with industrial adhesive. For a superior grip, Confidex also offers a welding bracket for the tags, which can be used when spot welding the tag onto the surface.

The Confidex Ironside Family consist of 4 different UHF hard tags in several sizes and shapes.

The Ironside family is optimized for metallic returnable transit items and industrial assets that face varying weather conditions and rough handling. Please have a look at Cisper’s website or for more information or advice.