Twintag Technology: Managing the Product Life Cycle

Connecting the Supply Chain and Engaging End Customers!

One chip, two frequencies and numerous areas of application. The Twintag technology from combines RAIN RFID and NFC on one chip. The combination of both technologies increases the wearable functionality, as the product lifecycle is managed with RAIN RFID while the communication with the end customer is done via NFC.

Benefits: Transparent real-time insights into production, logistics and distribution become possible. Every item can be tracked from production to the point of sale. The highlight: An NFC-enabled mobile device creates a direct connection to the consumer. The goal of the Twintag is traceability in the supply chain, product authentication and customer loyalty with a chip.

Senior Vice President, Europe, r-pac, in an interview with .

Torsten Strauch Senior Vice President, Europe, r-pac

For almost 20 years, Torsten Strauch has been supporting companies in the reorganization of existing or new business areas, and the implementation of new business models. In times of lockdowns, the networking of brand and consumer in stationary retail is becoming increasingly important. How do customers stay connected to the brand? This question is the focus of his lecture.

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