Times-7 RFID Antenna Video Series presents A5010 Slimline CP

Times-7 A5010 Slimline CP Rain RFID Antenna!

Ever wondered why the A5010 slimline RFID Antenna is one of the best kinds in the world? The A5010 is part of ‘s extensive antenna portfolio. It is rugged and robust and suitable for outdoor and customer-facing applications.

The A5010 has a unique range of benefits making it one of the best Rain RFID antenna of its kind in the world. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of using the A5010 Antenna.


  • Reflection Protection
    • The advanced A5010 circuitry absorbs reflective power from within the antenna, this means the RFID reader is shielded and doesn’t shut down and there is no risk of damaging the reader.
    • Works well in metallic environments.
    • Guaranteed to be recognised by the reader.
  • Low Axial Ratio
    • Same performance in a true centralised polarisation this means you can get a consistent read rate in any RFID tag orientation.
    • Extending read rate in challenging environments.
  • Flexible mounting options
    • The 5010 is designed to support either flush or VESA mount. To accommodate both approaches, versions with either flush or studded backplates are supported.
    • Flush mounting can be accommodated by attaching screws or bolts through the corner holes in the housing. A set of screws is supplied with each antenna. Other benefits include:
      • No extra equipment is needed.
      • Perfect for space constraint applications.
      • Can be mounted to any standard VESA bracket.
      • Central studs offer solid knock proof options.
  • Slim and Aesthetic Design
    • The Times-7 industry leading ultra-low-profile design is 14mm thin and only 750 grams.
      • Cost effective solution for storage and transportation of the Antenna.
      • Ideal in space constraints and customer facing environments.
  • Has a high IP Rate
    • The A5010 has a high IP67 rate for permanent outdoor use and is built to Times-7’s high standard for quality and robustness.
      • There is a high protection against water and dust.
      • The A5010 is equally suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Check out the video below to find out more!

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