The Tracking Chambers by Turck Vilant Systems

The shipment verification station from Turck Vilant Systems in the proof of concept setup

With its shipment verification station Systems demonstrates in a proof of concept for Merck KGaA Darmstadt that containers with liquids and metal objects can be recorded reliably and quickly in UHF-RFID bulk read operations.

The reliable detection of several RFID tags on a pallet is a challenge, particularly when different objects and liquids are involved. At Merck KGaA Darmstadt initial tests on the verification of shipments with conventional RFID-UHF gates showed that not all substances could be read with sufficient speed and reliability.

The UHF-RFID experts from Turck Vilant Systems took up the challenge and were able to demonstrate with their shipment verification station that even ethanol containers and randomly oriented tags could be identified reliably and quickly.

Starring Yanick Kleppinger, at the time a bachelor student for Merck, and Robert Paulus, Business Development Manager at Turck Vilant Systems.

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