Stora Enso’s New AERO RFID Tag

The New AERO RFID Tag for Air-Travel Baggage Handling

introduces a new RFID tag for air-travel baggage handling and tracking.

In 2018, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) unanimously supported the Resolution 753 to globally deploy Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for baggage tracking in order to more accurately track and trace air-passengers’ baggage in real time throughout key points of their journey.

Following the resolution, the IATA and A4A member airlines are obliged to use RFID tagged baggage labels.

The new AERO RFID tag by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging for air-travel baggage handling and tracking follows the regulations set for air-travel by IATA and is optimized for the aviation industry.

The label incorporates a robust design and NXP’s UCODE8 chip. It fits perfectly on the currently used baggage tags and wide web delivery format optimizes the throughput of baggage tags during converting. These together offer best-in-class and true global performance in this specific RFID tagging application.

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