Smart Traffic Applications at the Think WIOT Day Smart City

FEIG Electronic Presents UHF RFID Solutions in Traffic Management!

Parking, tolling and access systems must be simple, safe and flexible. For access control systems, a large number of vehicles must be identified quickly at peak times.

On July 7th, Daniel Büth, Head of Sales Identification, FEIG ELECTRONIC, will present, among others, the product range for electronic toll collection, UHF RFID reader technology for accurate vehicle identification and access control, as well as loop detectors for traffic light systems.

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Free Flow Tolling with UHF RFID

In free flow tolling systems, the user fee is collected from registered customers as they pass by. For vehicle identification and toll billing at bridges, FEIG Electronic provides UHF RFID readers that identify the RFID tags attached to the vehicle and process the toll transaction. The benefits: Reduced risk of accidents and congestion, and cost-effective implementation.

“For free flow tolling systems FEIG ELECTRONIC provides the appropriate RFID infrastructure – we offer long range UHF readers and antennas. The readers precisely detect the vehicle transponders stored in the license plate or windshield sticker, “explains Daniel Büth. “A reading range of up to 16 meters is possible. An integrated security element prevents attempts to tamper with the transponders. Identification can take place at speeds of over 200km/h.”

Flexible Traffic Control with Induction Loop Detectors

Traffic flow is smoothly controlled with time and prioritization regulations. Induction loop detectors from FEIG ELECTRONIC detect signals from the induction loops such as the presence and direction of vehicles. The information is passed on situationally. If the green phase of a traffic light is not used, it changes to “red”. The result: Traffic signal systems are controlled intelligently and based on logistics.

Access Control Systems with Traffic Light Function and Integrated Antenna

FEIG ELECTRONIC’s RFID UHF readers are used to implement access control and vehicle identification in numerous application areas such as at the airport, in parking garages, universities, to company premises or city centers. “An example: Our ID MAX.U500i reader has a range of up to ten meters and can manage up to 4,000 access authorizations, and can monitor several lanes simultaneously.

In the process, a UHD RFID transponder is stored in each vehicle, for example as a windshield label. The reader then detects each vehicle and verifies whether an access authorization is stored in the system,” explains Daniel Büth. Learn more about the functionality of FEIG ELECTRONIC’s access control systems live on July 7th.

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