Smart City & Consumer IoT Livestream on July 7th

This Think WIOT Day Focuses on the Smart City of Tomorrow!

The international livestream conference “Smart City & Consumer IoT” will commence on July 7th at 10:00 CEST. The language of the event will be English. Participants can register free of charge with their business e-mail addresses. Get a first insight into the program .

Main Topics of the Lectures:

  • City of Heidelberg: LPWAN for intelligent lighting control and efficient waste management
  • City of Hamburg: IoT platform and sensor technology for large-scale deployment at public and inner-city events
  • RFID-based traffic and parking management: Parking availability, parking time monitoring, traffic control
  • City of Melbourne: Big Data for optimized pedestrian mobility
  • Robust LPWAN standard: MIOTY
  • Secure authentication and access control with RFID, for example in buildings

Does Wireless IoT in the Smart City Generate Efficiency, Sustainability and Comfort?

Analyzing pedestrian mobility with sensor technology. Using IoT platforms for urban events. Digital access solutions, smart lighting control, efficient waste management, optimized traffic management, smart metering to increase security and flexibility. These solutions will all be presented in the context of the technological framework. Wireless IoT is of course part of this. Join the livestream on July 7th. Expand your horizon of knowledge – digitally and free of charge!

What are the Objectives of the Megatrend ‘Smart City’?

Improving environmental protection, securing mobility and energy supply, enhancing the quality of life, enabling citizen participation and increasing prosperity. The city becomes smart through the digitalization of everyday life, administration, traffic, mobility and the leisure sector.

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