SIVA IoT launches UHF RFID Wristband and Foam Tag

RFID Tags to facilitate RTLS and Zone/Room location!

through its new product development initiatives to solve problems faced by hospital administrations to track, locate, identify and connect their patients and staff in real time, have launched two products namely UHF Pat-Track Wristband and ISO Foam Tag.

The Pat-Track UHF RFID wristband is an ideal solution to locate, track, identify and connect patients to the hospital administration system.

It features a protruding antenna flag design that helps achieve longer read distances not requiring line-of -sight data transmission and can be read even when covered under clothing, bed coverings, etc.

The ISO Foam Tag is a unique product developed to facilitate real time location tracking of individuals.

It is delivered with a permanent adhesive self-backing to attach the tag to objects like identity cards on lanyards. It also carries a 3mm foam spacer for increased read rates near human bodies. This tag can be used to track hospital staff, factory workers, exhibition attendees, etc. with good accuracy.

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