Simplify asset tracking with CAEN RFID sKID + Tagmatiks AT

Asset Tracking Made Easy!

Add Tagmatiks AT Lite to RFID skID reader to build an entry-level but effective RFID based asset tracking solution!

Tagmatiks AT Lite is the lightweight version of Tagmatiks AT, a cloud-based, enterprise grade asset tracking platform with next generation analytics and reports developed by RFID4U. It is a standalone application easy to install and to setup; it is freely downloadable from Google Play Store (for Android), from App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or from (for Windows).

CAEN RFID sKID + Tagmatiks AT Lite enable you to manage your assets by means of:

  • Quick check-in, checkout process
  • Associate photos and locations (and sublocations to any level)
  • Guided cycle counts to determine variance or missing assets
  • Reporting to analyze data offline

Jump-start tracking of IT assets, tools, lab equipment, returnable containers or any other valuable device with Tagmatiks AT Lite and the skID RAIN RFID reader. The Lite version can be upgraded to the cloud-based Tagmatiks AT platform with just one click for a complete software solution. 

CAEN RFID sKID + Tagmatiks AT: a perfect combo to simplify asset tracking.