Sensor Technology and LoRaWAN at the Think WIOT Day on July 7th

Pepperl+Fuchs Presents Applications for LoRaWAN Technology and Ultrasonic Sensors!

The diverse application possibilities of LoRaWAN characterize the smart city of the future. In addition to the focus on process flows, infrastructure and possible applications of LoRaWAN technology, the expert lecture will also highlight the special features of a LoRaWAN ultrasonic sensor. Using the city of Heidelberg as an example, Wolfgang Weber, Pepperl+Fuchs, will demonstrate solutions for smart winter road maintenance and level measurements in glass containers, among others, on July 7th.

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LoRaWAN: Connecting Devices at a Distance of up to 15 km

“LoRaWAN technology can be used for the uncomplicated establishment of large-scale radio networks for cities and communities. Since data transmission via radio also penetrates walls and ceilings, area-wide networking is achieved in the smart city. One of the benefits of the technology is that a high level of data security and integrity is ensured through authentication and end-to-end encryption,” explains Wolfgang Weber.

“Processes, for example waste management, parking and traffic control systems or city lighting can be managed efficiently by using the LoRa system.”

Smart Waste Management with Ultrasonic Sensors

The battery-powered autonomous ultrasonic sensor WILSEN.sonic.level transmits data via LoRaWan. With a range of 2.5 to 4 meters, the sensor detects the geo-position and fill level of tanks, silos and containers. In the process, a high-performance lithium battery ensures a smooth operating time of several years. One application example: intelligent waste disposal management. The fill levels of containers can be monitored remotely. The containers are emptied only when they are sufficiently filled.

Detailed insights and application examples of the WILSEN.sonic.level sensor as well as the corresponding Wilsen Control App will be presented live on July 7th.

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