Sensor Tags, Dual Frequency and BLE

Siva IoT Develops New Tags in Numerous Sectors!

is an family-owned Indian company that manufactures RFID labels and tags through its Siva IoT business unit. 27 years ago, the company was founded by entrepreneur Rajiv Aggarwal under the name ‘Syndicate’.

To meet customer requirements in any quantity, Siva IoT has invested in a brand new automated production line in 2020 at its existing RFID manufacturing facility in Goa, India. Production capacity is expected to increase by 50 percent once the new production line is up and running.

In an interview with , , Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Business Development & Marketing at Siva IoT, talks about new projects and current developments in RFID products and technologies.

Coming Soon: Sensor Tags

Siva IoT is breaking new ground with the development of battery-powered temperature UHF and NFC tags. The energy storage devices used are capable of capturing data over several months. The development of the sensor tags has been completed. As soon as the production plant is set up, series production can start.

Purely passive temperature sensor labels are also currently under development and are scheduled for market launch at the beginning of 2021.

Torbjörn comments: “We are also working intensively on customer-specific developments. This involves not only temperature sensors, but also voltage, humidity and motion sensors. Customer-specific developments are often a win-win solution: Our customer gets a tailor-made tag solution and we get the opportunity to expand our standard portfolio”.

Special Tags for Retail Applications

In contrast to the many simple RFID tags and labels available to fashion and apparel retailers, Siva IoT has recognized the potential of specialized solutions for eyewear, jewellery, collectors items and antiques merchandise. In response, the company has, for example, developed novel labels for eyewear identification.

This includes the development of a dual layer label, where part of the label on the eyewear box can be peeled off and applied to the frame before it reaches the sales floor. The use of the tags ensures a fast and accurate inventory. Eyewear inventories can be replenished more quickly once the inventory reaches a certain threshold in the system.

“This customer-specific development was initiated by an optician retailer in Europe who has already ordered 2.5 million tags to date,” reports Torbjörn.

Increasing Demand for Dual-Frequency Products

Siva IoT focuses on the production of 100% tamper-proof labels for numerous applications. Other tamper-proof tag products are on the product agenda, including standard labels and on-metal labels for a variety of applications.

Another innovative addition to the extensive portfolio is the introduction of several new dual-frequency tags at once, as Torbjörn reports: “We are seeing great interest in dual-frequency applications. Therefore, we are now expanding the portfolio around an already available hybrid label that combines both NFC and UHF frequencies. We are relying on EM Microelectronic’s dual frequency chip technology. The latest chip in particular offers outstanding UHF performance”.

Outlook: BLE + NFC

At present, Siva IoT is developing concepts to realize a combination of BLE and NFC in one product. Torbjörn emphasizes: “We want to develop a solution that is absolutely unique. For example, small BLE labels in credit card format or a badge tag for event management that combines BLE and NFC: NFC for access control and BLE for heat mapping, fire security applications and crowd control”.

Torbjörn Andersson sees another area of application for BLE tags in the compliance and control of distance regulations that a pandemic like Covid-19 will make necessary in companies and production facilities.

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