Rinas Expands Product Portfolio in 2021

Development and Construction of the Largest Multifunctional Machine!

The “Think-Green Approach” Remains the Basis

With more than 35 years of experience in the production and support of precision-engineered OEM and stand-alone card encoding and analysis solutions, has now announced plans to expand its product portfolio in 2021.

The focus: the development of the largest multifunctional machine in the company’s history. Despite comprehensive functions, the developers have not lost sight of the possibility of sustainable operation in this solution.

Compact Solutions Underline the Think-Green Approach

With comparable performance to machines from market competitors, Rinas’ machines have a special unique selling point across the entire portfolio.

Armin Rinas, Managing Director at Rinas, explains, “Our machines are much more compact than those of our competitors. However, this does not affect their operational capability – on the contrary: Our machines are suitable for years of 24/7 operation. For our customers, this means a significantly reduced space requirement and very low power consumption without any loss of performance. In this way, we offer our customers a sustainable solution.”

Products & Support – Everything from One Source

Rinas’ current product portfolio includes various machines and modules for printing, encoding, separating or stacking cards and tickets.

Rinas not only supplies customers with machines, but also assists them in all steps of integration, operation and support.

Armin Rinas adds, “The modular design of our machines enables us to adapt the machine exactly to our customers’ requirements. Modules and software can also be customized to meet individual customer requirements. The Rinas team is able to respond to customers quickly and efficiently, especially after installation, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Since most of the machine components are manufactured by Rinas itself, we are able to offer comprehensive support – all from one source.”

New Products in 2021

Coming this year is the realization of the largest – albeit still compact – and multifunctional machine in the product portfolio. The functions of this machine include:

  • Scanner from the bottom and top after card separation for the optical reading of pre-personalized data
  • Coding of “Contact” smart cards
  • 2 RFID encoding stations
  • Magnetic coding for 6,000 cph
  • DOD printing via plasma and optical print control
  • Application of a scratch-off label with optical control of its position
  • Sorting (OK/NOK) and stacking of cards

The underlying software for sequence control and data handling for magnetic coding and print data is provided by Rinas. The integration of customer-specific protocols for data exchange and the corresponding know-how are then provided by the customer. Armin Rinas comments: “With this new machine, it is also possible to transfer card-specific data to the customer during the card’s runtime. We offer our customers direct contact to our developers. This makes implementation more effective and faster.”

Other new products and expansions planned for 2021 are:

  • Integration of a labeling system
  • SWR magnetic coding module – expansion of interfaces and integration into the modular TCP machine control system
  • A machine for testing or coding RFID inlays on reels with a printing function
  • Optimization of existing assemblies and modules

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