RAIN RFID+NFC Two-Way Applications in One Tamper Proof Label

Bring Dual Frequency in One Single Label!

When people talk about NFC and RAIN RFID, applications in use are usually regarded to happen respectively.

Now, develops a new dual frequency label which can operate on both NFC and RAIN RFID (UHF) technologies. NFC is for proximity use and often goes to applications such as customer engagement, anti-counterfeiting, and product identification.

In contrast, RAIN RFID technology features long reading distance, making it commonly adopted in inventory and supply chain management. Powered by em|echo-V chip (EM4425) by em microelectronic, this label provides an application crossover and opens the possibility to apply just one label to fit all use cases. In other words, your applications are no more limited and can expand in multiple venues such as retail, healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, logistics and so on.

Digital and Mechanical Intertwine for High-end Applications

Coming to the digital part, this label supports NFC Type 5 specifications and EPC G2V2 protocols at the same time. The two protocols share a common unique ID number and 2048-bit user memory. This enables its usage in an efficient way because the encoding job can be done in one time via either air interface. What’s even better? The length of its EPC memory is up to 480-bit.

It complies with VDA 5510 recommendation which requires EPC memory no less than 240-bit for parts tracking, making it ideally applicable to the automobile industry. It also offers AES-128 crypto for NFC web based authentication to enhance its security level.

EM4425 chip (the successor of EM4423) inherits the Tag Tamper function (so-called TT). By using an optional antenna design, the digital part of the chip can tell the status change when the antenna loop is broken. It provides an anti-counterfeit seal solution to enhance the protection level of the label. Furthermore, with the help of the App on your NFC-enabled phone, you can utilize such a feature to keep track of the expiry date of a valuable asset.

RAINFC Label Optimizes Workflow and Reduces Risks in Drug Dispensing in Hospital

Speaking of a hospital application, there is zero tolerance of human error while there are many tasks to complete and manage in this domain. Therefore, RFID is mostly used for security, sample/equipment tracking and inventory control purposes. Take a look at the drug dispensing process. It will bring harm to patients if medication errors happen. Among factors leading to such failures, they are usually associated with poor communication, problems of the package labels, personnel work overload, and the outdated information in the whole system.

Hospitals can implement RFID system to take advantage of the technology as to reduce these risks. They apply such a label to a box/bottle of medicine for easy counting and stock control on the RAIN RFID side. Hospital personnel can interact with the box/bottle on their NFC-enabled phone to look for more information. They can also update it vice versa to make the system remain current.

By utilizing the Tag Tamper function, it alerts people if the seal is broken for better personnel/patient safety protection. Meanwhile, counting of the expiry date can also happen on the App to facilitate first-in-first-out inventory management. With the help of this dual frequency label, it improves operational efficiency and the manpower can focus on conducing more profitable tasks. Significant cost savings can also be expected.

What SAG Can Do

SAG has the capability to tailor the inlay/label according to your requirements – say tagging on different surface material (such as metal or plastic) or items which is full of liquid. No water or metallic interference is a challenge to SAG. To help fit items in different sizes or radius, a customized label in different die cut will be possible. We also do encoding to the RAINFC chip to save the effort at your side. SAG can help you all the way through from concept to the final product.

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