qLog: The Dual-Frequency Logger for Cold-Chain Safety

Dual-Frequency qLog from CAEN RFID

RFID qLog is the new family of dual-frequency (RAIN RFID and NFC) loggers designed to monitor perishable products during transportation and storage.

The combination of high-resolution sensors, large memory size and the standard NFC/RAIN RFID interfaces permits to implement efficient and effective track & trace solutions for the cold-chain market.

The RAIN RFID interface is ideal for reading sensor data or alarms from distance allowing to build automated check points on conveyors or on dock doors.

The NFC interface permits to access sensor data with any smartphone so the final user can check by himself if the product was maintained under the right environmental conditions.

Currently available with temperature only () or with combined temperature and humidity sensor (), the qLog family will be enriched soon with loggers for vibrations/shock and electric continuity (tamper function).

Main characteristics:

  • Configurable sampling intervals from 5 sec. to 18 hours.
  • Up to 4096 sensor data samples storage size
  • Up to 16 configurable temperature range and associated alarms
  • Long battery life (up to 1 year)
  • A reset function permits to reuse the same logger for multiple shipments mitigating the monitoring cost per shipment

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