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What are the benefits of the LAB ID‘s dual frequency tag?

As we can see every day, digitalization of information is surrounding us. Digital technologies are growing in importance, mainly because of their use in IoT and their power to improve customer experience. End users ask for a more user centric-experience and companies try their best to satisfy this wish. Moreover, a significant emphasis is placed on tracking and secure authentication.

These market trends lead companies to look out for new solutions that can improve their offer of goods and services.

The dual frequency tag is one of the best solutions to all these needs: the combination of NFC and RAIN RFID allows companies to have a brand-new, powerful tag that puts together the advantages of the two technologies.

The new evolution of the dual frequency at is based on the new EM Microelectronic chip echo-V. With shared memory and the single chip em|echo-V the dual frequency technology is fully EPC Gen2v2.0.2 and NFC Type-5 compliant.

The plus of the new em|echo-V IC are:

  • Superior user experience based on increased NFC reading distance, thanks to the ISO 15693 interface
  • Crypto onboard (highly optimized AES-128 cryptographic)
  • State-of-the-art RAIN (RFID) radio frequency performance

What are the benefits of the LAB ID‘s dual frequency tag? 

It combines supply chain functionalities with seamless NFC consumer engagement and web authentication. 

  • It enables secure authentication thanks tothe redirection digital platform made by LAB ID
  • It supports consumer privacy management
  • It allowseasier encoding (using both interfaces) 

Ask more to your tag: try our dual frequency tag! 

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