New NFC-Based Wireless Charging Development Platform

CISC Enables High-Performance Charging for Billions of Small IoT Devices!

Complete one-stop solution for reliable and powerful wireless charging solutions to ensure more robust consumer devices

Key Highlights

  • NFC/WLC Technology Elements for reliable communication and high-power transfer efficiency over the same interface
  • Modular based approach to support customers being ahead in wireless charging designs and market introduction
  • ´s proved firmware IP blocks advancing the standard by multi-tag support with load balancing to allow fast and simultaneous charging of multiple devices

CISC Semiconductor, a leading company for designing and testing wireless communication systems, today launches a new NFC (Near Field Communication) and wireless charging (WLC) development platform to enable more convenient charging and the design of robust small battery-powered IoT devices like sensor nodes, earbuds, stylus pens, and wristbands.

The recent wireless charging specification of the NFC Forum and the 36 billion IoT devices in use today show an increasing demand for a more convenient charging solution and robust devices. CISC is offering with the launch of the NFC/WLC development platform a complete wireless solution portfolio from design concept up to testing and production.

The development platform includes antenna, hardware, and firmware IP blocks to offer the capability of multi-tag support with load balancing to allow fast and simultaneous charging of multiple devices. 

“The modular-based approach of our NFC/WLC development platform helps our customers to build smaller and more powerful devices while at the same time being ahead in design and market introduction”, says Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CTO and Business Manager of RFID+NFC at CISC. “Our deep testing and antenna design know-how are key elements for compatible and stable products required to succeed in this market.” 

Upcoming Webinar, March 25th 

To learn more about CISC´s new NFC/WLC Development Platform, register for the upcoming on “The tricks and traps on developing NFC based wireless charging solutions” on March, 25th.