NEW: Logomatic 410 Linerless by Logopak

Sustainable, waste-free labelling!

’s new, fully automated labelling system Logomatic 410 Linerless provides sustainable, flexible and budget-friendly labelling of secondary packaging and shipping cartons. Omitting the label liner significantly increases the running length and capacity of the label rolls, saves costs, and benefits the environment by reducing the CO2 footprint in production and logistics, as linerless labelling obviates the need for costly disposal of siliconized carrier material.

Logomatic 410 Linerless enables cutting the labels, which are coated with active adhesives, to individual sizes, which additionally optimises both the material input and economically efficient use of Logopak’s innovative eco labeller.

In cooperation with Evonik, Logopak has developed TEGO® RC 730, a special silicone coating that provides reliable dispensing of the linerless labels whilst protecting the surface of the printed label to ensure durable readability.

Logopak’s involvement in developing linerless labelling solutions goes back a long way. Logomatic 410 Linerless, the latest in a series of innovative labelling systems developed by Logopak, focusses on sustainability, flexible labelling processes, easy handling and cost reduction.


While conventional solutions produce waste label liner the same length as the label roll itself, plus the need for subsequent costly disposal, Logopak’s eco labeller avoids waste altogether. At the same time, the label roll’s running length increases by up to 60 per cent, which means both a significant increase in capacity per roll and reduced costs due to the fact that fewer label rolls need to be purchased and less storage space is required for consumables.

In turn, this means that more usable labelling material instead of unnecessary waste label liner per carton or pallet is transported back and forth, which not only saves time and effort, but also reduces CO2 emissions in procurement and replenishment logistics.  


Without making any sacrifices in terms of speed, Logomatic 410 Linerless enables cutting the labels to individual lengths as determined by the print job and accurately apply them to the product. The special cutting unit Logopak has developed for this purpose is open on the side and provides reliable cutting of the adhesive-coated labels whilst preventing that adhesive residues have a negative impact on the labelling process.

Adapting the label formats to the print contents further optimises the use of material: DHL labels, for instance, are cut to their required length of 200 mm, while UPS or DPD labels are cut to their specified length of 150 mm.

The longer DHL label therefore is not the “measure of all things”, which means that 50 millimetres of labelling material is saved with every single UPS or DPD label. The entire range of Logopak applicators is available for this system to provide individual application of labels to secondary packaging and shipping cartons.  

Easy handling – GDPR-compliant labelling  

Waste-free eco labelling also ensures easy handling. More printed labels per roll and different-size labels generated from one and the same label roll means fewer line stops to change the label rolls. In addition, linerless labelling avoids both the use of thermal transfer ribbons and the need for GDPR-compliant disposal of the carrier material, which contains the negative print information of all generated labels.  

Cost reduction

Logopak’s labelling system Logomatic 410 Linerless reduces labelling costs by up to 10 per cent, which has been confirmed by users as a result of fewer production stops due to extended running times, avoiding costs for disposal and recycling of the carrier material, more economically efficient procurement, storage and logistics processes, as well as Logopak’s optimised system technology.  

Eco labelling ensures sustainable processes 

Waste-avoiding and resource-saving eco labelling as provided by Logopak’s innovative labelling system Logomatic 410 Linerless stands for a change of paradigm in the identification solutions sector. Taking the example of e-commerce, the benefits in terms of sustainability become clearly visible: In Germany alone, online retailers dispatch more than one billion parcels per year, and rising. Due to increased running lengths and labelling capacities per roll, waste-free labelling can save several hundred lorry transports in procurement and replenishment logistics every year.

In addition, linerless labelling avoids over 1,000 tons waste label liner and almost 5,000 tons CO2 emissions generated in manufacturing, recycling and incinerating the carrier material.

Eco labelling therefore makes an important contribution to sustainable packaging, labelling and logistics processes.  

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