My Name is EMA50 – Robot from Zebra Technologies

Robot with Sophisticated Sensors, Cameras and WiFi on Board!

Pilot phases demonstrate inventory availability of over 95 %

Inventory inaccuracy costs retailers worldwide enormous sums of money every year. Customers are unable to find the goods they want and employees have to spend a lot of time constantly checking and correcting. The SmartSight solution detects shelf gaps almost in real time, checks price labels, analyzes the data and immediately provides specific correction instructions to management or directly to staff on the sales floor.

The result of numerous pilot phases shows inventory availabilities of over 95 percent. Technologies offers retailers complete automation systems consisting of hardware, software, cloud-based services and AI-based data analysis.

Mick Oliver, Director of EMEA Sales, SmartSight | EMA, Zebra Technologies and , Sales Director Retail and Logistics Germany, Zebra Technologies, in an interview with .

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