Lisbon: Citywide LoRa Network – Lecture on July 7th

Capturing Waste Container Volumes with LPWAN in Lisbon!

On July 7th, Nuno Cruz, FIT (Future Internet Technologies) / ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa) & LASIGE (Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory) / FC, will report on the study results in Lisbon concerning the trials of LPWAN technology for efficient waste management. The municipality’s objective: To increase the capture ranges of existing GSM sensors, and to reduce costs and deployment times. LoRa and LoRaWAN technology were used for the test trials.

Different distances, different types of recycling waste containers, and placements (underground or above ground) were investigated. As part of the Lisbon Smart City project, overseen by the Lisbon City Council, a citywide LPWAN network is being built. Considering the network capacity, the city decided to make the network freely available to citizens.

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Sensor Technology Captures Filling Volumes of Waste Containers

In Lisbon, two different fill level monitoring sensors were used for waste containers. Both sensors measure via ultrasound by placing the sensor on top of the bin and measuring the distance between the sensor and the fill level. The benefits: Ease of use and low cost. To support the experiments, two gateways with different characteristics and placements were installed. The gateways were integrated into The Things Network (TTN).

Measuring Underground Containers

One of the sensors is used for underground containers and can measure the filling volumes of containers from a distance of up to five meters. Furthermore, these sensors are able to detect fires by measuring temperature, as well as the frequency of emptying by measuring the angle of inclination.

“Overall, the benefits of LoRaWAN surpassed the previous legacy system. The results show that when implementing a LoRa system, we need to pay close attention to potential interference with radio waves during the planning stage,” says Nuno Cruz. Further findings and background will be presented on July 7th.

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