LAB ID Unlocks the Power of Connected Products with URely

End-to-End Connected Product Management Solution by LAB ID!

presents URely, an IoT solution for end-to-end connected product management.

Over the past years, the use of NFC and contactless methods has been on the rise. There are currently more than two billion NFC-enabled devices around the world. According to the NFC Forum, in 2020, one in two consumers use NFC contactless technology daily, or nearly every day. 96 % of consumers have used contactless methods for something other than contactless mobile payment and 56 % of consumers use NFC to engage with consumer products.

With the use of encrypted NFC tags in combination with an API and microservices digital platform, companies can improve consumer interaction and return logistics, provide product authentication, and guarantee operational excellence.

Engaging a Demanding Digital User

URely comprises of a redirection engine, designed to personalize user experience by defining different user flows based on programmable rules. Items-specific content can then be delivered, together with direct-to-consumer services, product verification and merchandise return requests. With URely, customer insights can be generated as every customer interaction is recorded. Web-based interactions (via NFC, QR codes, etc.) can be directly managed by URely and associated to the item’s timeline.

Product management software interactions (ERP, PLM, WMS, logistic solutions, etc.) can be uploaded in near real-time via LAB ID’s API portal. Any other interaction recorded by a third-party system can also be uploaded via the API Portal. URely profiles each user based on user data collected and integrates this with a CRM to enable the planning of omni-channel marketing strategies. With URely, companies can achieve over 30% in user engagement with fashion and luxury connected products.

Protecting Brands & Customers

It is extremely important for brands to be able to provide some form of verification for the authenticity of a product. With URely, users can check the authenticity of a product in seconds with just a simple scan using a connected device. This is possible at any stage of the product life cycle, from supply chain to the consumers, thanks to crypto NFC and the URely’s authenticator function.

URely also enables fraud management with its redirection engine. Special content can be delivered to customers who have purchased a counterfeit product. Through URely’s product monitoring and API portal, alerts and notifications are sent to the brand and customer when a counterfeit product is detected. From there, the company is able to check customized analytics and dashboards to pinpoint where and when the suspected fraud occurred.

Refining Logistics Processes

With URely’s ID manager and its traceability hub, all events across the distribution chain up to the consumer can be recorded in real-time. This makes item level tracking possible for brands worldwide. The item timeline feature on the dashboard allows brands to visually monitor item status updates, tag insights and its geolocation in real-time. All data recorded by Urley can be integrated into the logistics systems of the brand or retailer. This allows for the enhancement of inventory accuracy and process performance.

“Connected products are a must have in this current digital era. LAB ID’s URely is a combination of both proprietary hardware and software to provide brands with a secure end-to-end solution. With our 18 years of experience and expertise in the field of RFID, LAB ID has already successfully supported the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands across the world.” – Valentina Braida, Marketing Manager, LAB ID