IT Development for Higher Machine Performance

Rinas Gerätetechnik starts extensive programming for a new customer’s card personalization machine!

Extending Customer Interfaces Extensively

is currently starting a comprehensive software development project for a new customer that produces and individualizes RFID ski tickets and tourism cards in particular.

User-friendliness, Graphic User Interface, database connections – the existing software is supplemented by additional features and made more powerful in numerous areas. The effort required for this is not insubstantial – managing director expects a programming time-span of two to three months until the required functions are developed and tested.

Increasing Machine Performance during Operation

The challenge: The customer already has a software package in use in his card production. Now the main aim is to enhance performance.

“It is a difficult task to develop a software package so that it is compatible with the existing one. However, the established card production processes should not be changed fundamentally or in nuances. When programming, we therefore have to be meticulous to ensure that software-based processes are not disrupted by the new software,” says Armin Rinas, describing the special requirements in this development project.

Keeping an Eye on Profitability

Customer-specific device and software developments are a part of day-to-day business at Rinas Gerätetechnik. The aspect of economic efficiency plays an important role in the expenditure for the current project, as Armin Rinas explains:

“For a single project, the investment rarely pays off. We therefore look at two lines of development. Firstly, the customer’s requirements must be reflected in the programming in the best possible way. We also try to implement the functions as openly as possible so that they can be used – individually or as a package – in other customer solutions. This makes the investment that we are now making for the initial development worthwhile”.

Adjustments to Any Hardware Possible

Rinas Gerätetechnik provides customers with complete solutions – personalization machines including coding and printing modules, and the appropriate software. In numerous applications, as in the current project, customers specify the use of dedicated RFID hardware, for example.

“The integration effort is then of course somewhat higher, but can be done without any problems,” says Armin Rinas and explains: “Every project differs in the detailed information that the customer provides us with. Some disclose all data, others are more reserved for various reasons, which in turn increases the development effort for us”.

However, this additional work is part of the routine at Rinas, as the top priority is always to present the best possible solution, because, “customers who work with us can expect machines that – with the appropriate care and maintenance – can produce consistent quality for 10 years or more, even in 24/7 operation,” says Armin Rinas. During this time, it is not unusual for 5,000 to 6,000 cards or tickets to be individualized per hour using the machines.

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