ISG Enhances Contactless Entry Line with FEIG Products

ELECTRONICS, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, announces that the Identification Systems Group (ISG) is now carrying four FEIG long range readers. The products broaden the ISG’s solutions scope to offer UHF readers in addition to the UHF tags already in their product line.

Customers today expect fast, contactless service wherever they are, and the advent of COVID-19 greatly accelerated this trend. Whether corporate, government, healthcare, education or finance, businesses are searching for ways to keep employees, customers and visitors safe, and provide faster as well as better access control.

“We were looking for a solution provider to help address the growing need for contactless vehicle and people access control in general, but especially during this COVID pandemic,” said Tom Stiles, Executive Director of the ISG. “ were the best solution and compatible with our UHF access control cards and tags.”

The ISG has added four of FEIG’s products to their offering: 

  • UHF Compact Reader – the is ideal for vehicle identification and parking access control applications in airports, universities, gated communities and more.
  • UHF Vehicle Access Control Reader – the is a stand-alone compact UHF Vehicle Access Control Reader that combines a UHF Long Range Reader with an integrated antenna, signal light, and an access control management system.
  • UHF Long Range Reader – the is a high-performance reader for a broad range of applications. It has a read range of up to 40 feet and high sensitivity for busy environments.
  • UHF Directional Reader – the is a modern fixed reader with an integrated antenna that allows accurate transponder direction detection.

“FEIG’s UHF Vehicle Access Control Reader MaxU500i is a UHF access control reader that is compatible with most UHF tags and cards and very easy to use with existing Wiegand systems or as a stand-alone system,” said Deborah Greenway, Executive VP of Sales, FEIG ELECTRONICS.

The ISG’s line of FEIG UHF RFID readers covers nearly any RFID application for vehicle identification, parking management, access control and more.

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