IP69-rated network modules with stainless steel housing

I/O modules with 8 IO-Link ports and expandable IO-Link I/O hubs for washdown environment!

The new family of network modules from are developed for the extreme conditions of the foods and pharmaceuticals industries. The corrosion- and cleaning agent resistant modules in stainless steel with their easy to clean washdown design ensure reliable and errorless signal transmission even in demanding environments with stringent requirements.

For strict hygienic requirements

The family of products include machine mount IO-Link masters with 8 IO-Link ports each port can be configured as dual input or output, or can connect to wide variety of IO-Link sensors or actuator modules as well as IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs.

The efficient point-to-point connection of IO-Link enables distributed modular architecture that offers flexibility and future expandability.

Network nodes equipped with an IO-Link master communicate directly with the controller or machine control device via Ethernet/IP.


  • 8 IO-Link ports for connecting various IO-Link devices
  • Up to 16 confi gurable I/O points, each point with an LED for error diagnostics
  • Large status LEDs for monitoring the ports and network communication
  • Integrated webserver for setup confi guration and monitoring module information (IP address, settings, parameters,…)
  • Expansion port on the IO-Link I/O hubs for connecting an IO-Link valve terminal connector or an IO-Link sensor/actuator hub (and increasing the I/O count up to max. 30)
  • IP69 rated and resistant to caustic/corrosive cleaning agents and environments
  • All network modules ECOLAB certified

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