iDTRONIC’s RFID On-Metal Asset Tags

Valid RFID On-Metal Asset Tracking in demanding Industry 4.0 Environments!

Our RFID Asset Tags were developed for On-Metal applications in challenging Industrial 4.0 environments. We offer different form factors as a kind of RFID Transponder or RFID Label for tool management, part tracking or small containers.

The robust housing promises a valid application under extreme conditions. The RFID Tags use the international RFID UHF frequency and are available for both EU and US sites.

Industrial High-Performance Processes with the Apollo Series

The RFID Apollo Tag Series impresses with a flat and compact design which was developed especially for demanding processes within industry 4.0 manufacturing. The RFID Tag has IP68 protection class as standard. The extended Paintshop Version with IP69K protection class is especially suitable for Paintshop processes. It can withstand high temperatures in industrial furnaces or during painting processes in automotive production up to +260 °C thanks to the robust ceramic high-performance engineering polymer housing. The high reading range of up to 12 metres validly identifies the integrated RFID chip.

Tool Tracking and IT Management with the Pluto Series

The RFID Pluto Tag Series is available in two different versions. The Standard Version can be easily attached to IT systems, hand tools or production equipment with a high-performance adhesive. The Embed Version is suitable for integration within pipes or electronic devices. RFID Pluto Tags withstand vibrations and shocks thanks to the MIL STD 810-G standard.

The RFID Tags work in temperature environments from -40 °C to +85 °C. Thanks to the IP68 protection class, the ceramic housing is protected against external influences such as dust and water.

Identification of Medical Tools with the Bit Series

The RFID Bit Tag Series captivates by a flat design which was especially developed for the identification and allocation of medical instruments. Bit Alpha and Bit Gamma Tag can be perfectly integrated into surgical tools due to their rectangular shape. The Bit Beta Tag is suitable for small medical tools due to its round form factor. Bit Gamma Autoclavable Version was specially developed for sterilisation processes with special pressure vessels. They withstand high temperatures of up to +180 °C.

Container and RTI-Management with the Log Series

RFID Log Tag Series impresses with its robust design, which was specially developed for the identification of containers in returnable load carrier management. The engineering plastic of the RFID Log Tag is suitable for outdoor environments and for exposure to water and pollutants thanks to its IP68 protection. Global RFID frequencies in the range 865 – 928 MHz supports the global version of the log tag. The identification of more distant objects is possible with the high reading range of up to 15 metres.

Warehouse and Internal Office Processes with Smartwave Series

The RFID Smartwave Label Series are special RFID Labels with adhesive function. Especially for warehouse management processes for labelling boxes, they can be optimally used as RFID Labels. Internal process flows with files or folders can be optimised with the help of our RFID Smartwave Labels. The RFID Label is available as 60 cm or 80 cm Version. The integrated Monza R6P RFID Chip reads the data on the RFID label with a reading range of up to 6 metres.

Mobile RFID Tracking of RFID On-Metal Asset Tags

Our RFID Scanners C9 Black and C9 Black GUN offer the optimal solution for mobile identification of RFID asset tags. Mobile Computers are characterised by excellent performance. The integrated RFID UHF Reader can validly read the RFID tags and transmit them to an external system. Short ranges of up to 1.5 metres are no problem for the C9 Black handheld scanner.

The C9 Black GUN can handle longer reading ranges of up to 10 metres. The advantage to the C9 Black GUN is the integrated ergonomic grip. This RFID scanner provides a portable solution for successive operations in multiple locations. The C9 Black is ideally suited for RFID tag capture for archiving or data collection.

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