iDTRONIC supports NXP’s new MIFARE DESFire ICs

DESFire Reader support new MIFARE DESFire Tags!

‘s RFID DESFire Reader Desktop Reader EVO, Stick Reader EVO and RFID DESFire Modules M900, M890 and R835 are suitable for an even wider range of applications thanks to the new RFID MIFARE DESFire smart card technologies.

Especially for single-use applications in public transport or at events, for RFID Tags solutions in supply chain and inventory management or for IoT applications, the new smart card technologies are used.

MIFARE Ultralight® Nano

MIFARE Ultralight® Nano is the latest generation of contactless Smart-Paper-Ticketing-ICs within the MIFARE Ultralight Family. The innovative contactless solution was developed for single-use applications and should replace magnetic stripes, barcode/QR Code and printed standard paper tickets.

The MIFARE Ultralight® Nano of NXP paves the way to contactless systems with a cost-efficient migration of single-use paper tickets for the public transport or event tickets. The advantages of contactless solutions are lower costs for system installation and maintenance, increased user throughput, fraud reduction and aggregated NFC-based services.

MIFARE Ultralight® Nano complies with the international Standard ISO 14443 Type A and can therefore be easily integrated into existing contactless systems. Standard paper ticket vending machines can also be upgraded to enable contactless smart paper tickets.

MIFARE Ultralight® C

The contactless IC MIFARE Ultralight® C is a cost-effective solution, which used the open cryptographic 3DES standard for chip authentication and data access. The widely used 3DES standard allows easy integration into existing infrastructures, and the integrated authentication command set provides effective copy protection that helps prevent tag forgery.

Tickets, vouchers or tags based on MIFARE Ultralight® C can function as single public transport tickets, event tickets or low-cost customer loyalty cards and are also used for device authentication.

MIFARE Ultralight® C works with the Standard ISO/IEC 14443 A and enables a reading range of up to 10 cm. In addition, the IC has an expanded user memory and a number of additional security features not previously available on low-cost contactless ICs.

Existing solutions based on MIFARE Ultralight® C products benefit from the same authentication commands used for MIFARE DESFire EV1. The MIFARE Ultralight C is compatible with the NFC-Tag Type 2.


I-Code SLI DNA IC is a HF-Tag-IC for applications within inventory and supply chain management. This security is primarily based on a 128-bit AES key that is securely stored on IC’s and with which cryptographic authentication is performed by an AES co-processor.

The I-Code SLI DNA IC can operate in reading ranges of up to 1.5 m. I-Code SLI DNA includes an intelligent anti-collision function that allows the simultaneous operation of several tags in the field. The I-Code SLI DNA contains several security and privacy aspects, such as UID, originality signature, EAS and AFI functionality and others.

NTAG 424

NTAG 424 DNA defines the standard for secure NFC and IoT applications. The new Chip Generation provides Public Security and Privacy features on attack-resistant certified silicon. NTAG 424-DNA is designed to provide AES-128 cryptographic operation, a new SUN authentication mechanism each time it is read by an NFC-enabled mobile device, and confidential data protection with crypto-secure access privileges. This enables enhanced product and content protection as well as secure and unique real-time user experiences.

The NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper Tags go even further and allow even more individualized tasks by providing status-aware, relevant consumer messages as soon as the seal of the tag on a label or container is broken.


MIFARE DESFire® Light of NXP is a contactless IC, which was developed for the easy integration in new and existing systems. The predefined file system and the total available memory of 640 bytes (equivalent to MIFARE Classic® with 1 kB) make it an excellent choice for single-use application designs in a variety of use cases.

The MIFARE DESFire® Light is compatible with MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, so designers can easily extend their systems to support new applications. MIFARE DESFire EV2 compatibility allows developers to promote their services in NXP’s AppXplorer, a collaboration platform that creates an App Store-like experience on smart cards.

MIFARE DESFire® Light can also be configured as an NFC forum NFC type tag 4 so that it can be used with a wide range of mobile devices with contactless reading functions.

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