iDTRONIC presents 3 new RFID Professional Reader

RFID reader series for industry 4.0 production processes!

as leading supplier for RFID Reader, has extended its product range with 3 Professional Readers. The high-performance RFID Professional Reader are available in 3 different versions: DESFire Panel Reader, DESFire M30 USB Reader and RFID Reader for Quality Control.

These RFID Reader have already been developed for current customer needs and are successfully used by some customers. They are ideally suited for a variety of applications within large industrial automation processes in the context of Industry 4.0 and IoT environments.

Perfectly equipped for near-field environments

The Professional RFID Reader Series works in Near-Field environments with RFID HF frequency: 13.56 MHz. They support the Standard ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3M3/EPC HF Gen2 and HID iClass. RFID Transponder and RFID Tags can be read out with all current MIFARE and EM Chips. The RFID Reader Modules are standardized and are applicable under the highest safety standards. A Software development kit with Demo Software for Windows Systems is provided. This allows an easy integration of the RFID reader into your existing systems.

DESFire Panel Reader: Access controls on machines

The is a wired RFID reader for integration into machine controls for access control identification. The connection is possible with a USB VCP or optionally with a RS232 connection. The front has a notch for the integration of a keyfob. The integrated LED status indication indicates a successful tag communication. The integrated Antenna transmits the data either cyclically with individual transmission (continuous operation) or manually (on/off). DESFire Panel Reader was especially developed for near-field environments with short reading ranges of maximum 2 cm. This ensures that only authorized personnel has access to the machine control.

DESFire M30 USB Reader: Assembly line electronic production

The is a RFID reader in M30 housing for integration on assembly lines for high-volume production or parts production within the electronics industry. The integrated Antenna transmits the data of the RFID tag or RFID label. DESFire M30 USB Reader was especially developed for near-field environments with short reading ranges of maximum 2 cm.

The correct allocation of parts and goods within the individual process steps is important for smooth production. As soon as an electronic part or a good is not mounted in the right place, an error message appears. The reject rate can be reduced through the use of RFID technology. The RFID reader has a USB VCP connection. This allows a connection to any device with a USB port.

RFID Reader for Quality Control

The is a compact RFID reader for connection to machines or assembly lines. The RFID Reader has an Ethernet interface with RJ45 connector. This is used both for data transmission and for power supply (PoE). Power can also be supplied via +24 Vdc M12 connection. The RFID reader or quality control takes over the entire quality control process within a production. The integrated Antenna sends the data directly to a system to avoid possible production errors. Optionally, the RFID reader can also be upgraded with an external SMA antenna. Personnel costs for quality control are reduced by using RFID technology.

iDTRONIC’s service features

Our RFID Professional Reader Series is certified to RoHS and REACH. The RFID Readers are delivered with a software development kit for Windows systems. It supports the programming languages: Binary command protocol, VS2005 C++ Libary. With the help of our demo software introduction, the SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems.

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