iDTRONIC extends embedded HF MIFARE RFID Reader R840

Wireless or Wired Communication: WiFi and Ethernet

As the leading provider of embeddable RFID modules, has expanded the Embedded HF MIFARE RFID Reader R840 with WiFi and Ethernet interfaces.

The wired Ethernet interface is used for direct data transfer to the end device within industry 4.0 applications. The wireless WiFi function offers the option to connect to enddevices without the need for cables in loT environments (e.g. web or email services).

Ethernet vs. WiFi

Ethernetis a classic LANconnection and through the TCP/IP Connection, it is the best option, and the most well equipped for application with computers, laptops, industrial machines or production terminals. The WiFi function works wirelessly and so the device can be connected to all compatible end devices.

HF 13.56 MHz Reader for a Variety of Transponders

The R840 MIFARE Module reads transponders and tags with the RFID HF Frequency 13.56 MHz and supports ISO 14443A standards. The Ethernet and WiFi interface options are only available as read only version. Only clear UIDs on tags or transponders can be recognised and read.

Easy Setup thanks to Plug-and-Play

The Embedded HF MIFARE RFID Reader R840 is equipped with the trusted Plug-and-Play. It is particularly suitable for the simple and uncomplicated identification or transponders or tags without prior setup or installation of the device.

Reading Reliability and Successful Tag Communication

The RFID OEM module’s integrated antenna can accurately identify chipcards from up to 8 cm. The integrated relay can be controlled remotely. The integrated Relay can be controlled remotely (e.g. unlock passage). The lamp function (green and red) shows the user whether the tag communication was successful or not.

Application Example: Employee Authentification

The access control systems in organizations can be be handled efficiently using an access control solution. The provision of transponders for employees has become common practice in many organizations. The transponders have a unique UID and are specifically assigned to a one company employee. Employees can use this ID carrier to securely identify themselves in all areas of a building with an RFID reader.

iDTRONIC’s Service Features

The Embedded HF RFID Reader Series R840 will be delivered with a Software Development Kit for Windows systems. The application of the SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems.

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