iDTRONIC equips UHF RFID readers with new software

Optimized Software Features for an even more effective Application!

optimizes its robust and powerful UHF industrial readers Micro IA and Cylindrical Reader M30. Both RFID readers are unique in their form and function. Both RFID readers are part of the proven BLUEBOX series.

The included software offers new settings for an even better individual user application.

Automatic retrieval of memory units on transponders

The automatic readout of memory banks on transponders or tags is now possible . Two different speeds can be selected for continuous recording. The data is sent as BLUEBOX telegram or ASCII format. It is also possible to read out further data from any memory bank.

For example, product name, batch number, temperature or storage location may be output automatically.

Adjustable RF parameters

RF parameters can either be stored in the ROM with zero voltage protection or in the RAM with unlimited frequency changes.

New possibility of accessing sensor data on chips

Commands may be sent to Monza 4QT RFID chips or sensor data may be retrieved from the Magnus S2/S3 chip.

Modes of operation

The RFID readers can be used both in Continuous Mode (= automatic detection) or Spontaneous Mode (= automatic telegram transmission). These operating modes may be used simultaneously.

Ideally equipped for current industrial 4.0 and IoT conditions

The Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF and the Micro IA are both standard-equipped with the industrial M12 connector. The development of the RFID readers has been geared towards demanding IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. The integrated RFID UHF frequency supports the RFID standard ISO 18000-6C (ETSI +FCC). The RFID readers can, therefore, be used globally.

BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF

The Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF is the smallest industrial UHF Reader with an M30 Housing. It boasts Reading Ranges of up to 50 cm. The uniqueness of this RFID reader is also reflected in its all-around capability. The 5-pin M12 A-coded connector may be used with the communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, or CANbus (SAE J1939 or CANopen).

The RFID Reader only uses the minimum required transmission power, thanks to the integrated Dynamic Power Management System. The RFID Reader is equipped with the IP67 Protection Class and can easily be used in demanding production processes.


The Micro IA is a compact RFID Industrial Reader. This inexpensive variant among our proven BLUEBOXES is truly multifunctional. Its internal RFID UHF Reader supports reading ranges of up to 3 m. The 5-pin M12 A-coded connector may be used with the communication interfaces: RS232 or RS485. CANbus Interface Options (SAE J1939 or CANopen) are optionally available.

The integrated Antenna has a gain of 3.4 dBic and a bandwidth of 18 MHz. The Micro IA is equipped with the IP65 Protection Class and is especially suitable for Intralogistics Applications with Forklifts.

iDTRONIC’s Performance Features

iDTRONIC RFID readers are certified according to RED, RoHS 3, REACH, FCC and CE. The BLUEBOX series is supplied with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows systems. This supports the programming languages: C++ and C#. Using the SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems.

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