HUAYUAN’s Plastic-Free ECO RFID Tag Technology

HUAYUAN Presents Two Biodegradable ECO RFID Tags!

The European Parliament and the European Council passed the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) in the summer of 2019. According to this proposal, the European Union will ban the use of alternative single-use plastic products by 2021. Plastic products are currently one of the largest sources of environmental pollution. Reducing the use of disposable plastic products is of vital importance to protect the environment.

has always been committed to the innovation and development of plastic-free RFID tags. At present, we have developed two kinds of biodegradable ECO RFID Tags.

The concept of sustainable environmental protection has become a keyword in all walks of life. Nowadays, RFID tags are commonly used in many industries. RFID tags mainly use PET as a substrate. PET is difficult to decompose naturally and aluminium-etched antennas cause environmental pollution in the production process. It is now crucial to find RFID tags that do not require the PET substrate.

At present, mainstream eco RFID tags on the market are mostly printed antennas, such as graphene and silver printed antennas. These antennas are printed on recycled paper without a plastic layer and harmful chemicals. Although considered environmentally friendly, these tags have inevitable drawbacks. Such tags are expensive and both silver and graphene are easily oxidized in the air, affecting the tag’s electrical conductivity. Compared to malleable aluminium, graphene and silver pastes are more fragile and have unstable properties.

To contribute towards an environmentally friendly future, HUAYUAN has introduced two biodegradable ECO RFID Tags.

Coupling ECO RFID Tag

HUAYUAN’s coupling ECO RFID tags are solely paper-based without a plastic layer on the back of the antenna. Compared to similar products on the market, it adopts coupling technology and retains the aluminium antenna. Mechanical die-cutting technology and precise antenna shape composition maintain and ensure the consistency, performance and accuracy of the RFID tags.

Regardless of the antenna design, the chip’s core coil is universal with a flexible manufacturing process, increasing the cost effectiveness of the tags. HUAYUAN’S ECO RFID tags are based on coupling technology which provides an ideal characteristic where the dielectric constant of the attached material causes less interference compared to any other RFID structure. This means that the tags can be customized with a wide variety of surface materials including fabric.

Laser Die-Cut ECO RFID Tag

HUAYUAN’s Laser Die-Cut ECO RFID Inlay (HEL3050R6) consists of an innovative solvent-free and waste-free RFID antenna. The aluminium RFID antenna of the VOC eco-friendly RFID inlay has been laser die-cut for design accuracy – all curves and lines are cut smoothly and intricately.

Every production process becomes more eco-friendly. Die-cutting the aluminium antenna eliminates the dirty etching process caused by hydrochloric acid. The discharged aluminium can be 100% recycled.

HUAYUAN is now able to mass produce its HEL series of ECO RFID tags, bringing the RFID tag industry to a whole new level. The ECO RFID tags are completely degradable and suitable for large-scale, mass production. The environmentally friendly product is suited for a wide variety of applications.

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