HUAYUAN Provides ECO Friendly Plastic-Free RFID Inlays

Three types of plastic-free RFID inlays without complicated aluminum etching process!

The RFID inlay (comprised of a microchip, base substrate and antenna) is the functional part of an RFID tag that encodes the information for identification. RFID wet inlays are passive inlays with an adhesive backing that has already been die-cut into pieces and can be applied either directly to a product or converted into smart labels. RFID dry inlays are semi-products that do not include the adhesive layer.

PET based aluminum etching antennas are mainly used in the market. However, the fabrication process of aluminum etching antennas is complicated with high costs involved. The process of metal etching with strong acid also causes environmental pollution. The natural degradation of PET takes hundreds of years. With the increase of market demand, environmentally friendly and pollution-free products are urgently needed.

provides three types of plastic-free RFID inlays without a complicated aluminum etching process.

Paper-Based Aluminum RFID Inlay

The die-cut ultra-high frequency RFID aluminum antenna has a fine pattern. The RFID chip depends on the chip module. The RFID inlay is paper-based and paper facestock conversion, does not involve etching, and is a PET-free RFID tag. 

Advantages of paper RFID inlays:

  • Edge alignabilty: Since the die-cut antenna is mechanically cut, its edges are very flat. With antennas that are manufactured with the etching method, the edge is uneven due to chemical corrosion
  • Production speed: 30 million per month

Silver Printed Antenna RFID Inlay

An antenna is printed on paper or fabric substrate with a conductive Ag ink, and then baked and cured to create an antenna manufacturing process. The advantages of this method are: Fast production speed and flexible production which can also be applied to small batch production.

Advantages of the silver printed antenna RFID inlay:

  • Fast production, small antenna conductor loss, outstanding performance
  • Flexibly printed on the paper, or woven
  • No etching process and PET-free. 

Graphene RFID Inlay

As a state-of-the-art material combined with many excellent properties, the graphene RFID inlay has good market prospects and has become the focus of innovation and development strategies worldwide.

Advantages of the graphene RFID inlay: 

  • Environmentally friendly production process, pollution-free, light, and suitable for the printing of various wireless antennas
  • Directly printed on the paper, heat transfer on cloth, the required pattern and RFID electronic label is transferred to the cloth
  • Low resistance, high printing stability and stable performance
  • Unique antenna design combined with the characteristics of the graphene material, tear-proof
  • Ideally used for anti-counterfeiting measures for drinks and alcohol, product traceability, tracking
  • Confidential RFID paper can be destroyed directly by a paper shredder
  • Customized frequency according to customer requirements. 

HUAYUAN will continue its R&D of new ECO products. 

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