HUAYUAN Launches Extremely Small High Performance NFC Tags

Unlike RFID, NFC (Near Field Communication), is a ‘personal’ type of wireless technology with a limited reading distance. RFID on the other hand, enables bulk reading and has long reading distances suitable for inventory tracking, logistic, …etc.

has launched two NFC tags that are extremely small in size with extraordinary performance.

However, NFC tags are small, printable and encodable. Almost all Android phones are able to read and encode NFC tags. What’s more, Apple has now enabled NFC on the iPhone, which is great news for the usage of NFC tags.

An increasing number of NFC tags are being used for various applications, for example, for promotion, personal usage, brand protection, …etc. Nobody enjoys typing out a complicated URL with the chance of getting the wrong results on their mobile phones. An NFC tag could be used to simplify this process. A simple scan of an encoded NFC tag allows the consumer to find what they are searching for quickly.

One of the typical problems of an NFC tag is its reading distance, which is typically between 1 cm and 5 cm. In many cases, this is not good enough. Many elements affect its performance, like the NFC chip itself, the tag size, tag design, reader device, working environment…etc. Customers are always looking for NFC tags with the smallest dimensions and the longest reading distance.

HUAYUAN launched two NFC tags that are small in size, with extraordinary performance as your best choice: the tag sizes are 15 mm in diameter and 10 x 20 mm respectively.

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