High Performing RFID Tags from SAG

RFID Tags for Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Equipment Tracking and Other Industrial Purposes!

RFID facilitates the smart transformation of process and management tasks in the healthcare industry.

Use cases can be found at laboratories or in hospitals where RFID creates data transparency, reduces staff workload, and enhances patient safety. With knowledge of materials and specific know-how on antenna design and production processes, has been involved with such projects in the healthcare sector.

SAG Can Help With Applications for Industrial Purposes

Since the introduction of factory automation or the so-called Industry 4.0, many factors have driven this revolution and great leaps in progress were made during these years. Applications in different domains become more tangible when different technologies are brought together.

There is no denying that RFID plays a vital role and provides important benefits such as security, data collection, and communication within this scope. However, the implementation of RFID for industrial purposes is sometimes complicated, especially when there are so many requirements to meet and challenges that stand in the way.

Configuration Needs High Security and Memory  

Multiple parameters may need to be applied to different machines in order to perform a desired task. It is no doubt a time-consuming task if the operator has to input these numbers on his/her own. Meanwhile, it is also prone to errors. SAG has developed a keyfob and card with a high memory capacity and high security features to log these parameters. It simplifies the settings and also provides traceability if any issues occur. 

Long Read Range in Dense Metal 

For in-process management, pipes and valves run across the production facility. Regular inspection is required to ensure safety and to see if repairs are necessary. However, pipe valves might not be easily accessible for the inspectors; they are either located on the ceiling or placed within the pipelines with dense metal interference. SAG provides a hard tag solution that has a long read range, even under metal interference to facilitate management.

Tag Built to Survive Harsh Environments

RFID transponders – large and small – are used to enhance the visibility of progress at different stages. Chances are that the entire process is exposed to extreme high/low temperature. Any reading failure would stop the production flow and decrease its efficiency. Based on the know-how and expertise in material science, SAG has developed hard tags that can survive extreme working conditions without compromising reading performance. 

Miniaturization to Fit Small Items 

For an item with limited space for the application of a tag, SAG provides a variety of miniaturized tags that are designed to be applied on small parts for asset management or machine-to-machine communication. SAG also provides NFC Ferrite Tags (the smallest at 4x2mm) for both on-metal and non-metal use cases.

SAG is Now ISO16949-Certified and Ready for the Automotive Industry 

We are capable of providing solutions to environmental challenges people face when implementing RFID. We have comprehensive expertise in customization and our work is proven by mass production. In 2020, SAG obtained the IATF 16949:2016 certificate. This certificate represents the requirements of a total quality management system for the design and manufacturing of parts and components specifically for the automotive industry. We are eager to bring our professionalism to every project and customized product to benefit this industry.