HID Global: The Convergent Future with Mobile Access Solutions

Research Report Proves Progress in Mobile Access Control Systems!

Mobile access solutions are in vogue. In many cases, they form the basis for networking physical access and logical access control, as a global study by Global, a worldwide provider of trusted identity solutions, shows.

When it comes to access control, many companies still use an outdated infrastructure. However, in light of rising security threats, a rethink is slowly taking hold. After all, half of the companies are planning to upgrade their access control components in the next few years. This is a key finding of the “2021 State of Physical Access Control Report,” a study conducted by HID Global in conjunction with ASIS International and 1105 Media. The study reports on the state of usage, upgrade plans and trends on a multi-year basis.

A key goal of respondents is to optimize access management using digital processes. On the one hand, by using a digital, cloud-based platform, companies can significantly simplify and improve the management of access control, for example by providing and revoking credentials remotely. On the other hand, digitalization is also the basis for networking physical access and logical access control systems. The biggest obstacle to such integration to date has been outdated technologies. Consequently, in terms of convergence, respondents also see the greatest difficulties in implementation (46%), managing multiple credentials in different systems (45%), and increased technological complexity (43%).

“Companies can overcome these challenges by moving to modern physical access control systems with user-friendly mobile access solutions,” emphasized Markus Baba, Area Sales Manager DACH at HID Global. “Mobile access solutions are the ideal basis for implementing convergent strategies. They can be used for both physical access control and secure access to IT systems, applications and data.”

Mobile access solutions are currently being widely adopted. The number of organizations already using mobile access technologies and systems or implementing them in the near future is over 50%, according to HID Global’s research. And mobile access solutions are being used in particular in convergence projects aimed at closer integration of building management or security technology and IT. The study confirms the closer cooperation between the two traditionally separate areas. 61% of those responsible for physical access control systems report that they work closely with the IT department to establish security best practices. 52% also say they are working with IT to find new technologies to do so.

A convergence strategy implemented across the enterprise and the adoption of mobile access solutions offers several benefits, particularly in the areas of cost, administration, security and user experience. A fully integrated approach can sustainably reduce costs by eliminating the need to invest in separate physical and logical authentication infrastructures. Costly administration efforts are also reduced because centralized identity and access management consolidates and significantly simplifies workflows, meaning that different processes for issuing and managing separate identities for IT access and access control are no longer required.

From a security perspective, a mobile access solution can also score points because the range of functions offered by modern mobile devices supports the implementation of comprehensive security measures. Examples of this are the encryption of stored data or the use of biometric procedures such as fingerprints or iris scans. And the high level of convenience for individual employees is also unquestionable. He does not have to carry different smartcards and keys with him, nor does he have to remember numerous PINs and passwords.

“Mobile access solutions are the focus of many companies and will usher in the convergent future, where physical access and logical access are elementary components of a fully integrated facility and IT strategy,” says Markus Baba. “Users can thus realize secure and end-to-end identity and access management and no longer have to rely on isolated solutions that result in unnecessary administrative overhead.”

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