HID Global: New IdentiFUEL™ Heavy Vehicle Tag

Passive LF RFID Tags for Unique Vehicle Identification

The new  IdentiFUEL™ Heavy Vehicle Tag is designed to meet the rigors of large trucks, excavators and similar vehicles that demand robust and sturdy fixation options.

Like other vehicle tags, it includes an anti-tamper mechanism that will break the tag if removed.

The HID Global identiFUEL™ Vehicle Tags are maintenance-free passive low-frequency (LF) RFID tags. Designed to be mounted next to most industrial vehicle fuel inlets, the tags wirelessly identify the vehicle and fuel type required when used with a corresponding Fuel Management System (FMS).

When a vehicle arrives at a fueling station equipped with identiFUEL Nozzle Unit reader, the unique ID of the Vehicle Tag is read by the Nozzle Unit and reported back to the FMS. The FMS decides how much fuel to dispense and also creates a corresponding log entry of transaction and authorized vehicle for reporting.

The tags are programmed to store vehicle fuel requirements to prevent fuel contamination in order to avoid incidents, such as accidentally mixing Petrol with Diesel fuel.

identiFUEL Vehicle Tags are both water and fuel-proof and are designed to withstand typical conditions when mounted on consumer and commercial fleet or construction vehicles.

The tags feature a mechanical anti-tamper design. If the tag is removed after installation, it is immediately destroyed. This prevents the tag from being potentially re-used on another vehicle.

Vehicle Tags are the easiest and most cost effective way to identify vehicles to an FMS when no onboard identiFUEL Vehicle Units are used. For enhanced data analysis, the optional Vehicle Units can provide a unique vehicle ID along with additional information like driver ID, distance driven or engine running times to the FMS.

Wing and Heavy Vehicle tags are the most commonly used form factors. They offer fixation options via sticker or glue as well as rivets. The heavy vehicle tag also supports fixation by metal bands around the fuel filler pipe of trucks. Tags may be laser engraved with serial number for additional optical identification.


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