FEIG TOPP payment terminals get TA 7.2 & DCPOS 3.0 approval

ELECTRONIC is the first terminal manufacturer to receive regular and unlimited approval according to TA 7.2 and DC POS 3.0 for its terminals without PIN pad (TOPP) by the German Banking Industry Committee.

Since the beginning of 2020, the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) has enabled regular and unlimited approval for TOPP terminals in accordance with TA 7.2 and DC POS 3.0.

FEIG ELECTRONIC is the first terminal manufacturer to confirm this type of unlimited approval for the TOPP terminals cVEND plug, cVEND box and cVEND box+, which had already previously received pilot approval.

“We are convinced that the option of using contactless payment at vending machines – no matter whether with girocard, credit or debit card – is becoming more and more popular and significant in Germany”, commented Michael Rödig, Senior Product Manager at FEIG ELECTRONIC.

“In support of this trend, our contactless terminals are providing operators and their customers with a big slice of future security in terms of the operation of contactless cVEND terminals at vending machines of all kinds. The unlimited approval of our payment terminals according to the latest GBIC specifications sends a clear signal to the market and further expands our position as a specialist for contactless payment at ‘unattended machines and terminals’. By choosing our cVEND terminals, merchants are investing in the latest technical equipment according to GBIC’s specifications, as well as in long-term acceptance of girocard, debit and credit cards, plus payment via the smartphone wallet of their own systems.”

The TOPP terminals cVEND plug, cVEND box and cVEND box+ have been approved by the German Banking Industry Committee as well as by the international EMVCo and PCI PTS 5.x. This means that FEIG payment terminals are suitable worldwide for secure use in vending and parking machines, charging stations or for ticketing applications.

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