FEIG Enters Strategic Partnership with proLogistik

Making Logistics More Efficient!

System provider proLogistik and contactless RFID identification specialist ELECTRONIC have entered into a strategic partnership.

Both companies are pooling their strengths to make warehouse and production processes more efficient for their customers. With the HyWEAR compact wearable RFID & barcode scanner, proLogistik expands their portfolio of wearable scanners.

With ist comfortable cuff, the HyWEAR compact is the ideal tool for logistics order picking. Data can be transmitted to industrial PCs and proLogistik voice devices across short distances by radio. HyWEAR´s hands-free operation ensures positive ergonomics and efficiency in the workplace.

Easy Handling, Accuracy & Security

The HyWEAR compact can be integrated directly into existing processes and does not require special receiving stations. The operator´s thumb triggers a tactile switch to start scanning.

Feedback consisting of clearly visible status LEDs, vibration and audible signalsminimizes the risk of incorrect scans and increae process reliability. An additional benefit is HyWEAR´s exchangeable battery, which can be swapped in seconds for the next shift.

Innovative Technologies & Bundled Competencies

The partnership between FEIG ELECTRONIC and proLogistik combines the two companies` innovative technological expertise to bring clear added value to joint customer projects.