Everything in the Cloud: Laundry, Hotel, Logistic, Retail & Etc.

With IoT Technologies Including RFID and BLE, UBI Solutions Connects Products and Processes!

“Everything is trackable” – develops tracking & tracing solutions for a wide variety of industries. For each application, a single cloud platform is used on which all collected tracking data is filtered, analysed, and networked. This allows processes to be monitored, controlled, and provides the management with important information for decision making and to improve processes.

As a manufacturer of RFID hardware, an IT developer, and system integrator, UBI Solutions holds all the necessary threads for projects in one hand.

UBI-Textile Tag

The UBI-Textile Tag is a new UHF RFID laundry label developed for flat linen (bedsheet, pillow cases, towels, tablecloths, & etc.) and workwear. The labels are based on a patented concept. The Monza 6 chip is encapsulated into a high pressure and high temperature resistant composite and is glued onto a label with a special, innovative, and flexible thread.

The label can, for example, be sewn onto the edge of an article, worked into the hem, or patched onto textiles with special adhesives. Depending on the requirements, the labels are delivered in different sizes with laser engravings, logo, text, bare-codes and QR codes, as well as with individual coding.

Thanks to the Textile Tag, the flat linen and workwear can be traced and tracked during the operation.

Connected Mask – A Reusable and Washable Mask

The Connected Mask developed by UBI Solutions is a reusable and washable mask. It costs half as much as a disposable mask. Compared to disposable masks, the use of the Connected Mask reduces logistic processes and waste, and contributes to better environmental protection. The masks have an integrated RFID transponder with flash code, which allows the user to control the number of washes via smartphone application.

UBI Food Supply Chain Track – Traceability of Food from the Farmer to the Plate

UBI Solutions has developed a comprehensive product traceability solution based on the UBI Cloud. The solution creates transparency via RFID from the identification of the breeder, to the tracking of meat processing, to the consumer, so that all information (date of birth, type of feed, expiry date, etc.) can be retrieved digitally at any time.

Consumer safety is increased if, in the event of a quality deviation, the product is automatically blocked for sale at the cash desk.

About UBI Solutions

Founded in 2008, UBI Solutions offers customers and users innovative track & trace solutions in the cloud. With the help of wireless IoT technologies, such as RFID or NFC, work equipment, employees or products can be tracked in real time on a PC or smartphone.

As innovation is at the heart of UBI Solutions’ history, the company invests 30 percent of the previous year’s turnover in research and development of new hardware and IT solutions each year. UBI Solutions is a labelled “Innovative company” from the BPI agency (French Agency for Innovation).

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