EMF Exposure: Checkpoint’s EAS Systems Meet All Requirements

No Safety Distance Necessary: Current EAS Systems Comply With Regulatory Limits!

CSA Group, an internationally recognized and accredited provider of testing and certification services, has tested Systems’ electronic radio frequency article surveillance systems on their behalf and confirms compliance with the requirements applicable in Germany regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Therefore, there is no need for employees or customers to maintain a safe distance from Checkpoint Systems’ current EVOLVE and NEO series radio frequency (RF) antennas and deactivation devices. The Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik (BGHW) also confirms that meaningful documentation is available for the two product series mentioned.

The CSA Group comes to a positive conclusion in its test report. “Checkpoint Systems complies with the prescribed limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields directly at the antennas and deactivation devices, i.e. at a distance of zero centimeters. Therefore, it is not necessary to maintain a safe distance from Checkpoint Systems’ systems,” says a CSA Group spokesperson. “Relevant European and national regulations and standards were used for the assessment.”

Benefits of RF Technology

Retailers who have chosen Checkpoint Systems RF systems for article surveillance can therefore feel confident about electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Checkpoint Systems’ RF antennas and deactivation devices meet all applicable requirements in Germany, for both employees and the general public.

Checkpoint Systems offers RF electronic article surveillance systems because of the many benefits of this technology.

“RF systems are not only safe in terms of EMF exposure, but also energy efficient and reliable in deactivation. RF technology and Checkpoint Systems’ wide selection of labels also give retailers extra flexibility in selecting security labels to protect the most commonly stolen products. Checkpoint Systems also has an extensive source tagging program to protect more than 10,000 items across multiple categories,” said Miguel Garcia Manso, business unit director, Germany, Checkpoint Systems. “The RF systems also allow you to implement Scan&Go solutions, plus you can upgrade the RF antennas to RFID and set yourself up for the future.”

Risk Assessment is Mandatory

“When using electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems to prevent theft, retailers are required to conduct a risk assessment regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields. A manufacturer’s declaration of conformity is not sufficient for this purpose,” says a spokesperson for the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik.

“For the radio frequency EAS systems of the NEO and EVOLVE product series from Checkpoint Systems, we have received the relevant documents for testing to perform a risk assessment. On this basis, we can confirm that the manufacturer’s documents for the aforementioned product series from Checkpoint Systems are meaningful and comprehensible, so that the operators of the EAS systems can prepare a comprehensive risk assessment that complies with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields – EMFV.”