E-Thread Technology: Each Product is Given Its Native Digital ID

Smart Garments with RAIN RFID!

Maximizing the benefit of RFID for the entire product life cycle!

The RFID yarn was designed and brought to series production by ’s engineering team. The yarn was able to demonstrate a high performance at a garment manufacturer two years ago. From that moment on, all efforts were focused on the manufacture and the industrial ramp-up of the RFID yarn.

Now, the E-Thread technology is protected by 20 patents. A miniaturized passive RAIN RFID tag is invisibly embedded in the yarn material and can outlast the entire product life cycle. The yarn with RAIN RFID differentiates itself from competing products by its small form factor and ease of implementation in a variety of materials. The objective: To offer brand owners additional usage options – complementary to classic tracking and tracing.

, Key Account Manager, Primo1D, in an interview with .

Isabelle Devant, Key Account Manager, Primo1D

“Primo1D is a solution provider for customized RFID track and trace solutions. The product innovation of E-Thread technology, a yarn with RAIN RFID, can be provided coded and serialized according to customer specifications. All tags are 100 percent tested and coded before delivery. Services include RF performance testing, modeling and simulation for integrating products into customer applications. Our vision: Turning garments into smart textiles. Every product is given its own ID.”