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Are you prepared to spend money on high-quality digital information? Or are you an auto-miner who relies on yourself and does your own research? This of course, requires time, flexibility and endurance.

The e-magazine combines wireless IoT know-how from industry insiders, researchers, and developers in technology articles with exclusive use case stories reported directly from genuine users.

RFID & Wireless IoT Global is the e-magazine for users, integrators and developers of products and solutions based on RFID & wireless IoT technologies.

What Do You Get with an E-Subscription?

The articles in RFID & Wireless IoT Global combine personal, in-depth expertise of the interview partners with background and contextual information. The layout is not overwhelming and the texts are never boring.

With commitment, personality and charm, the 4-expert editorial team explains process optimization projects from the perspective of contactless technologies. The macro and micro view becomes a pleasure to read.

Openness, creativity, and curiosity are the spirit of the editorial team.

The articles are equally interesting for users, developers, technology consultants, researchers or integrators.

What Does the Subscription Include?

  • Unlimited access to the content on the website
  • 6 regular e-magazine issues
  • Thematic special editions
  • License: Corporate license for multiple use
  • Price: 49,00 € gross for a duration of 12 months

An Overview: RFID & Wireless IoT Global

  • Category: Technology magazine
  • Language: English (Click here for the German e-magazine: )
  • Technology topics: Wireless IoT – UHF RFID, NFC + HF RFID, LF RFID, BLE, UWB, LPWAN, SAW, 5G, and Wireless Sensor Technology
  • Areas of application: Logistics, Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Smart City, Security, Consumer IoT
  • Publication frequency: 6 issues per calendar year + special editions
  • Publication: Digital – as e-paper and PDF
  • Preview? A preview of the next issues can be found here.

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