Digital Printable Color Inkjet Paper RFID Label Tags

Personalized Full Color Printing!

With the rapid development of the Internet, for users in manufacturing, footwear, retail and other industries, the demand for RFID tag printing is increasing.

From inventory management to flexible printing, from wine and food packaging to wide-format RFID label printing – the user’s demand for inkjet-printed passive UHF RFID tags is also gradually expanding through multiple applications across the industry.

‘s printable color inkjet RFID label tags are available for customers that require personalized full color printing.

Printable Color Inkjet UHF RFID Tag Features

  • Quick-drying, waterproof, light resistant, scratch resistant, etc., and can be stored for a long time.
  • Supports most inkjet color digital printers, such as the Epson Inkjet color printer, …etc.
  • Inkjet-printed RFID tag surface material: Glossy, matte paper and synthetic paper, and PET, or PP with the addition of inkjet coated material. The cost of PP material is higher than that of ordinary coated paper.
  • The printing scheme is without die cutting with optional black mark positioning and die-cutting gap positioning

Paper pattern: Black mark conjoined paper, black mark die-cut label, and die-cut label (gap) paper

Paper Package: In roll paper (outer diameter less than or equal to 8 inches) or folded paper

As a kind reminder: The CMYK full color inkjet ink is not for printing in direct contact with food.

HUAYUAN’s Most Popular Color Inkjet RFID Tag Options

  • HAR61C
    40*15mm + Monza R6P
  • H4015MR6/PC
    40*15mm + Monza R6P
  • H4015U8C
    40*15mm + UCODE 8
  • H7014MR6PC
    70*14mm + Monza R6P

HUAYUAN has 20+ years of production and development experience in the RFID industry.

The RFID tags can be customized according to the customers’ demand. RFID graphene, eco-friendly tamper-proof tags, etc., have been applied in apparel, jewelry, document management, retail, and other industries. At the same time, HUAYUAN has been constantly striving to develop new RFID products to meet the evolving demand of the market.

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