DENSO WAVE EUROPE launches Device Management System

Advantages through Digitalization

As one of the market’s leading providers in the field of mobile data collection, knows about the importance of digitalization for companies.

Now the inventors of the QR Code are launching a new Device Management System (DMS), thus enabling efficient coordination of DENSO WAVE handheld terminals from just one computer.

The Device Management System (DMS) from DENSO WAVE EUROPE is a modern software tool to support the efficient use of handheld terminals within a company.

Dirk Gelbrich, General Manager Technical Department at DENSO WAVE EUROPE, explains: “With our new DMS, administrators who are responsible for the handhelds used in their company can always see the status of each device at a glance. That is a great advantage as it saves a lot of time and therefore costs.”

The DMS has been developed by DENSO for their BHT handheld terminals and ensures that all devices, which are used in a company can be linked together on just one computer. The devices can be managed in real time by the DMS as their individual information is always kept up to date in the system. “This way, the device management is controlled and guaranteed centrally,” says Gelbrich all the while emphasizing the great advantages of this modern DMS.

If an update is required for a single or even multiple devices, it can be planned ahead, so downtimes can be kept to a minimum. This gives the administrator the opportunity to better control and optimize all the processes.

When troubleshooting a faulty device, the new DMS from DENSO WAVE EUROPE can offer a great advantage as well: Administrators can send commands to the handheld concerned while another employee simultaneously tests the device. In this way, errors are fixed faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to its integrated theft protection, administrators can even use the DMS to lock a stolen device or reset it to the factory settings.

The DMS consists of an app for installation on the mobile handhelds and an administration app to be installed on a computer. After the installation is complete, both the operating system and all applications on the mobile devices can be updated and managed – simply via the system on the computer.

“In the past, what was tediously done for every single handheld in the company, can now be processed and completed in one step, saving time and money,” says Gelbrich.

As a result, not only administrators are noticeably relieved, but faster solutions are also realized in order to use handhelds more efficiently within a company. Digitalization is progressing rapidly. With the new DMS, companies can keep their internal systems running smoothly.

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